Population Data

Manhattan has seen large amounts of growth in the past several decades, and the other areas of the Greater Manhattan Area are growing at incredibly fast rates. The population of Pottawatomie County, due in part to the expansion of Manhattan east into Pottawatomie County, has been growing steadily over the past two decades and is one of the fastest growing counties in Kansas. Using information from the University of Kansas Institute of Policy and Social Research, the U.S. Census Bureau, Kansas Statistical Abstract, and Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and Business, the displays below were created to show current population demographics and projections of the Greater Manhattan Area's future.

Demographics at a Glance

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2016
  Pottawatomie County Riley County
Population (2010) 21,604 71,115
Population (2016) 23,661 73,343
Population Growth (2000-2010) 18.6% 13.1%
Population Growth (2010-2016) 9.52% 3.13%
Median Age (2015) 34.6 24.3
Pottawatomie County Population Growth by 2044 Graph
Source: University of Kansas Institute of Policy & Social Research
Percent Population Change in Kansas by County Graph
Percent Population Change in Kansas by County Graph 2000-2010
Metropolitan and Micropolitian Areas in KS graphic
Projected Population in Kansas by County 2044
Population Projects ofr Kansas 2014 - 2044