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Havensville is located in the far northeast corner of Pottawatomie County along Kansas Highway 63.

Havensville is part of the Onaga Area Chamber of Commerce, which includes the communities of Onaga, Havensville and Wheaton.

Havensville is known for their restaurant, Charlie's Place, and the Cow Creek Opry.

City of the 3rd Class
Mayor/Council form of government

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Community Statistics

Population (2010) 133
Population Estimate (2017) 127
Median Age (2017) 43.9
Education Attainment (2017) 99.0% High School Graduate or Higher
Total Housing Units (2017) 73
Median Household Income (2017) $82,969
Mean Household Income (2017) $67,565
Civilians Employed Population 16 Years and Over (2017) 72
               Private Wage and Salary Workers (2017) 61
              Government Workers (2017) 1
              Self-employed (2017) 10
Poverty (2017) 14.2%
Foreign Born (2016) 0
Veterans (2017) 3

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

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Where Residents of Havensville Work

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Where Residents of Havensville Work

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Source: 2015 US Census Bureau retrieved from OnTheMap (June 2019)