St. George

Grade School in St. George

This rapidly growing community boasts many new developments and housing units.

St. George is located on Old Military Trail Road between Manhattan and Wamego and along the Kansas River. It also has its own canoe rental shop, Double T's Snack Shack and Canoe Rental.

St. George is home to St. George Elementary School, a National Blue Ribbon School.

City of the 3rd Class
Mayor/Council form of government

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Community Statistics

Population (2010) 639
Population Estimate (2016) 941
Median Age (2016) 25.3
Education Attainment (2016) 95.5% High School Graduate or Higher
Total Housing Units (2016) 278
Median Household Income (2016) $73,438
Mean Household Income (2016) $68,606
Civilian employed population 16 years and over (2016) 335
Private wage and salary worker (2016) 64.3%
Government worker (2016) 32.9%
Self-employed (2016) 2.4%
Poverty (2016) 6.9%
Foreign Born (2016) 2
Veterans (2016) 83