St. Marys

Street in St. Marys KS

Located on U.S. Highway 24 in eastern Pottawatomie County, St. Marys is the fastest growing incorporated city in Pottawatomie County.

From St. Marys it is 30 minutes to both Manhattan and Topeka.

Custom Wood Products, Patriot Outfitters, Florence Adams, Nemaha County Coop and KG Moats and Sons are a few of the major employers.  These locally owned businesses are nationally known and the city's growth and location positions itself well to be home to additional business startups, expansions and relocations.

St. Marys is located on the historic Oregon Trail.

City of the 3rd Class
Commission/Manager form of government


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Community Statistics

Population (2010) 2,627
Population Estimate (2016) 2,664
Median Age (2016) 26.3
Education Attainment (2016) 95.7% High School Graduate or Higher
Total Housing Units (2016) 894
Median Household Income (2016) $52,500
Mean Household Income (2016) $63,187
Civilians employed 16 years and over (2016) 1,084
Private and salary workers (2016) 88.2%
Government workers (2016) 10.1%
Self-employed (2016) 1.7%
Poverty (2016) 10.0%
Foreign Born (2016) 62
Veterans (2016)  

Source: American Community Survey 2016(American Fact Finder)

Census Bureau Map St Marys

Source: 2014 US Census Bureau retrieved from OnTheMap (2017).

Residents of St Marys Employment

Source: 2014 US Census Bureau retrieved from OnTheMap (2017).

Where St. Marys Workforce Lives

Source: 2014 US Census Bureau retrieved from OnTheMap (2017).