As the seat of Riley County, Manhattan is the largest community within the county and home to the majority of its population and amenities. Incorporated in 1857, the city is governed by a City Commission and Manager, who are elected every other year. The city is classified as a 1st class city.

Manhattan is home to Kansas State University, Manhattan Christian College, and the Manhattan Area Technical College. Students from these colleges are among the largest economic drivers of the city. The city is also home to various cultural amenities such as Aggieville, a popular bar and restaurant district next to Kansas State University, the Flint Hills Discovery Center, and the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art. It is also in close proximity to outdoor recreation such as Tuttle Creek State Park and the Konza Prairie.

Manhattan has been the recipient of many accolades for small towns due to its vibrant atmosphere and consistent growth. In 2007, CNN and Money magazine rated Manhattan as one of the best places to retire early. In 2011, Forbes rated Manhattan as the #1 Best Small Community for Business and Career.

Community Statistics

Population (2010)  
Population Estimate (2016) 55,871
Median Age (2016) 24.6 y.o.
Total Housing Units (2016) 23,180 (household units)
Median Household Income (2016) $45,951
Mean Household Income (2016) $64,312
Foreign Born (2016) 1,004
Poverty (2016) 12,449
Veterans (2016) 3,613
Civilian employed population 16 years and over (2016) 48,759
Government Workers (2016) 9,046

Source: American Community Survey 2016 (American Fact Finder)