Ogden, Kansas is a small community located along Kansas Highway 18 between Manhattan and Junction City. It is also immediately east of Fort Riley. The town was settled in 1854 and incorporated in 1870, and is a city of the 3rd class. It is governed by a Mayor and City Council Government.

The town was named after Major E. A. Ogden of the Army Corps of Engineers, who was pivotal in establishing the nearby Fort Riley.

Community Statistics

Population (2017)  
Population Estimate (2017) 1,976
Median Age (2017) 26.8
Education Attainment (2017) 91.8% High School Graduate or Higher
Total Housing Units (2017) 778
Median Household Income (2017) $33,792
Mean Household Income (2017) $42,248
Foreign Born (2016) 81
Poverty (2017) 35.5% Below Poverty Level
Veterans (2017) 367
Civilian Employed Population 16 Years and Over (2017) 761
Private wage and salary workers (2017) 586
Government Workers (2017) 161
Self Employed (2017) 14

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates