The City of Riley was founded in 1870 as the City of Union. In 1887 the city name was changed to Riley Center. A final change was made in 1895, and today, we know this city as the City of Riley. Over nearly 150 years of existence, the City of Riley has grown through agriculture, educational opportunity and excellence, thriving local businesses, and providing an overall family-friendly, small town community. Over the years, the City of Riley has been known as an agricultural trade center and as "the antiquing hub of Mid-America". Though the city has faced hardships over the years, the community has continued to grow and thrive. We are excited to see what the future holds for our community, and we are confident that our strong foundation will continue on for years to come. 

Source: City of Riley, Kansas

Community Statistics

Population (2010) 939
Population Estimate (2016) 1,022
Median Age (2016) 35.3
Education Attainment (2016) 95.5% High School Graduates or Higher
Total Housing Units (2016) 421
Median Household Income (2016) $48,214
Mean Household Income (2016) $53,794
Foreign Born (2016) 11
Poverty (2016) 16.1% Below Poverty Level
Veterans (2016) 114
Civilian employed population 16 years and over (2016) 515
Private wage and salary workers (2016) 311
Government Workers (2016) 146
Self Employed (2016) N/A

Source: American Community Survey 2016 (American Fact Finder)