Social and Cultural Amenities

There are a myriad of different social and cultural amenities in the Greater Manhattan area. This includes everything from historic sites to parks to trails, and a lot of different things in between. The infographic (provided by the City of Manhattan) at the right shows a list of the different recreational assets available to the citizens of Manhattan, specifically, and the total amount of land that each one spans. There are 35 miles of combined trails, more than 890 acres of park land, multiple water sports locations (Tuttle Creek State Reservoir and Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake #2), and many different programmed facilities such as splash parks, ice rinks, and other recreation centers.

Arts and history are also a big part of Manhattan's vision for providing different types of amenities to its citizens. There are currently 30 properties and/or districts located on either the national, state, or local historic register (City of Manhattan). Along with this, the Riley County Historical Society, formed in 1914, is a leading force in the quest to keep Riley County's historical records and artifacts in great condition for the public to enjoy. The Flint Hills Discovery Center, Sunset Zoo, Union Pacific Train Depot, and the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art (shown below) are just a few of the additional art and cultural amenities that the area provides. 
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