Crop Science, Grain Science, and Milling


As “the breadbasket of America,” Kansas is more than just the top wheat producer in the U.S. It’s a leading producer of corn, sorghum, soybeans and other major commodity crops sold globally. In the center of it all is the Greater Manhattan region, home to numerous organizations dedicated to advancing the fields of crop science, grain science and milling. Position your agricultural company for success by establishing a presence in the heart of it all — where the nation’s grain production and innovation meet.

Co-locate with some of the world’s leading academic, professional and research organizations involved with wheat, sorghum, soybeans, corn and other food crops:      


K-State is a world leader in small grain research, collaborating with private industry to provide deep expertise that extends from inputs, technology, natural resources and genetics to crop production, processing, consumption and post-consumption. In addition, our grain science researchers are developing a new specialty in pet food nutrition and production. These highly skilled students serve as a natural pipeline for organizations looking for top talent. 

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